The Essential Jung

A Book Sale, and Readings & Discussion of Some of Jung’s Essential Writings

Postponed due to Covid-19. New date & registration TBD

For some time, the Board has wanted for all of us to revisit some of Jung’s actual works. At the Annual Event, along with a Book Sale, we are going to host a discussion of sections of one of Jung’s seminal chapters in what represents his clear-cut break with Freud, the fifth volume of his Collected Works, Symbols of Transformation. A number of noted Jungian experts (among them, Edward Edinger and James Hollis) consider some of the paragraphs in this work’s chapter on The Dual Mother to be the essence of Jungian thought.

Guided by Board members and analysts affiliated with the Center, but with the aim of having a group discussion, participants will explore the fundamental transformation to which Jung refers in Symbols of Transformation, the divinity of instinct, the dangers of blindly following instinct, the necessity of bold deliverance from fear and instinct, the consequences to life’s meaning in the absence of this deliverance, the sacrifice necessitated by this deliverance, and the importance of assuming the sacrifice voluntarily and with conscious awareness of it’s profundity.

Participants will be asked to read the materials prior to this event. The readings will be limited in number and length. While they may seem perplexing at first, participants are encouraged to absorb them several times, as a result of which their perplexities and complexities will coalesce into deeply meaningful reflections.

We will make the readings available on this website closer to the time of the workshop. Please contact us if you have any difficulties obtaining them.


1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

12:30 p.m.


Workshop Only
Workshop + 3 CEs
(CEs $3 each)


(Brogues DownUnder)
621 Lake Avenue
Lake Worth, Florida 33460

Learning Objectives

Following the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the essential transformation to which Jung refers in Symbols of Transformation;
  • Analyze fear, evil, and the meaningfulness of life; and
  • Explain how the conscious assumption of sacrifice contrasts with destruction and the “transvaluation of values,” and compares with conservation and transformation.

Questions For Consideration

Following the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Based on what you know about Jungian Psychology, how would you summarize the essence of Jungian thought?
  • What is the dynamic tension that exists at all times within the human psyche?
  • What is boldness? What is evil?



Pamela Heider, Ph.D.

is a Jungian-oriented psychologist who has been licensed as a Mental Health Counselor since 1982. She has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on depth psychology. Depth Psychology recognizes the relationship between the conscious mind (ego) and the unconscious (complexes). Dr. Heider has been most influenced by Gestalt Therapy and the Analytical Psychology works of Carl Jung. She works with individuals, couples and families. She specializes in treating PTSD, trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, a wide variety of addictions, and other psychological disturbances. Dr. Heider is the current the President of the Board of Directors for the Center for Jungian Studies.

Brenda Astor, RN, DCN, FACW

is a pioneer in Holistic Nursing. She is an award-winning leader in innovative healing arts centers and a variety of modalities in healthcare settings. She designed, developed, and directed the first holistic community mental health center program in the United States, and the Center for the Healing Arts at Imperial Point Medical Center in Ft. Lauderdale. Ms. Astor founded the Healing Arts Associates and Wise Woman Associates, co-founded the Integrative Nursing Institute, is a charter member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, and is listed in Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. She specializes in the program design and development of healing environments, community education, and business development, and is an experienced and highly effective addiction, recovery and behavioral health nurse. She is also a university and community group educator on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and on stress and pain management. Ms. Astor is the long-time Chair for the Center for Jungian Studies of South Florida.

Constance Avery-Clark, Ph.D.

is a Jungian-oriented, licensed Psychologist with Ph.D.’s in Clinical Psychology and in Psychology-Jungian Studies. She is also an AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist and served as Research and Clinical Associate at Masters & Johnson Institute for five years. She has been in private practice for over 30 years, specializing in sexual, intimacy, and relationship difficulties from cognitive-behavioral, systems-oriented, and depth psychological perspectives. Her book Sensate Focus in Sex Therapy: The Illustrated Manual (with her Masters & Johnson colleague Linda Weiner, MSW), was published in March 2018. She has presented several times for the Center for Jungian Studies, most recently on James Hollis’s The Eden Project and on her dissertation topic, Sex, Jung, and Photographs: The Nature of Yearning. She is CJSSF’s Vice-President and Program Chair.

Jeannette Sullivan, Ph.D.

is a Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Professor with a Doctoral degree in Higher Educational Leadership and Research Methodology, an M.Ed. from Florida Atlantic University, and a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University. She has coached, trained, and facilitated groups for over 20 years in Honolulu, Scottsdale, and southeast Florida. Dr. Sullivan’s research interests include student persistence, human resilience, happiness, and well-being. She specializes in personality training using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and holds the Master Practitioner Credential. She has presented for the Association for Psychological Type International, the International Positive Psychology Association, First Year Experience, Teaching Academic Survival Skills, the Association of Florida Colleges, and The Center for Jungian Studies of South Florida. She is a facilitator of Action for Happiness in the fall of 2018.


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The Center for Jungian Studies
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As a Not-For-Profit organization we exist because of the generosity of our friends, volunteers and donors. None of the work that we do would be possible without you.