Interview With Patrick Parham
“The End of the Age of Bling”

Photograph by: Raymond Gehman,

Patrick Parham, M.A., spent 25 years in global trade, headquartered in New York while also living in Japan, Switzerland, and Jamaica. He currently teaches at St. Thomas University and is a trained Spiritual Director. Patrick also serves as Treasurer of the Center for Jungian Studies of South Florida.

CJSSF: You have an unusual resume, being a financial advisor and also a spiritual director. How do these two aspects relate to each other?

Patrick Parham: I sometimes refer to myself as a recovering capitalist. The first half of life has to be about building a personality, leaving home, finding a mate, creating an identity. In males, particularly in this culture, that involves competition and the measure of your success is measured in money. By about 30 one has learned all that one can from success, in the second half of life we learn from love and suffering. If one gets stuck in a first half head in the second half of life individuation slows down. I believe this applies to nations as well as individuals. My own life led to an inward journey filled with the psychology of Jung and a revisiting of my own religious and spiritual tradition. I see my life as a progression one leads to the other. If one is to be aware, awake and conscious one has to do the work. You have to go within.