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The Season Pass includes admission to all events with a $145 discount.

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For those who would like to purchase the Season Pass for $350, you will be receiving $145 discount which covers ALL Events, including Dr. James Hollis’s weekend in March and the Annual Event in May. It also includes the $50 Membership. So if you would like to pay once for the whole season, you will be checked in with Season Pass next to your name on the roster at each event. We thank you for becoming a Member by buying the Season Pass. If you want to avoid Pay Pal costs, just let us know at or by calling 954-525-4682 that you will pay for the Season Pass at the first event on October 7, 2017. If by chance you have already paid for the first event and want to buy the Season Pass, we will adjust the amount to $290 at that event.

The Season Pass includes admission to all events including:

  • Oct 7 -Madonna Basilici, M.A.;
  • Dec 2-Dominic Callahan, Ph. D.;
  • Jan 27, 2018-Sierra Sterns, Ph. D.;
  • March 16 & 17, 2018– James Hollis, Ph.D.;
  • &  May 6-Annual Event