Tarot and Synchronicity: Realization of Self through Archetype Engagement

JAN 11, 2020 (SATURDAY)

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

5 CEs Available

PRESENTERS: Frank Kwiatkowski, B.A., CPC & Elise Crohn, B.A.

Event Description

Tarot and Synchronicity: Realization of Self through Archetype Engagement

As a comprehensive system of symbols, tarot is a distinctly Jungian method for accessing the collective unconscious. In The Archetypes of the Collective Consciousness, Jung wrote, “If one wants to form a picture of the symbolic process, the series of pictures found in alchemy are good examples. . . . It also seems as if the set of pictures in the Tarot cards were distantly descended from the archetypes of transformation…” Tarot has the potential for accessing the alchemical process of transformation. While many believe tarot is used for fortune-telling, it is more usefully viewed as connecting to the essence of the internal and external realities at the precise moment the card is brought into consciousness. In this sense, a tarot card can be a manifestation of synchronicity.

This creative learning environment offers both intellectual/lecture components and hands-on creative expressive experiences. Attendees will learn how the use of tarot cards represents the active engagement of archetype, and how doing so may create the conditions for synchronicity. The experiential portion of the event will be facilitated by expressive art facilitator Elise Crohn. Attendees will engage in a quick-fire creative process to tap into the power of intuitive collage making that bypasses the analytical mind. They will learn to create their own tarot cards with deep, personal meaning.

CEs Available

Tarot Cards created by Maria Diz during an art workshop by Elise Crohn at Juicy Creatives studio

Tarot cards created by Elise Crohn | Juicy Creatives Studio

Questions For Consideration

  • What is my understanding of Tarot? How could using it connect me to the experience of synchronicity?
  • What stage of my personal Individuation journey am I currently experiencing? What would an image of it look like?
  • How does creating with archetypal images shed light on my journey and reveal where I’ve been and where I’m going?

Learning Objectives

Following the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze Tarot as a comprehensive symbolic language that can be used to access intuitive wisdom;
  • Describe the 22 major arcana cards as a sequence of archetypes on the journey of Individuation, in three stages;
  • Explain how active engagement with archetypes through tarot creates synchronicity;
  • Select two tarot archetypes through the creation of cards; and
  • Demonstrate how to engage with self-made images for personal growth and insight.

About The Presenters

Headshot of Frank Kwiatkowski of Dominic Callahan

Frank Kwiatkowski, B.A., CPC

is an author and certified professional coach. His early-onset midlife crisis brought about transformational change, and he shares what he learned about spiritual transformation in his book Rise & Shine: A Guide for Experiencing Your Midlife Awakening (RiseAndShineGuide.com). He currently teaches an online course for using tarot for self-discovery and intuition development, provides personal coaching with tarot, and mentors others on what has worked for him, and writes a blog connecting tarot with the music of the Beatles (TarotAwakenings.com). He connects through social media on Facebook @tarotawakenings and on Instgram @tarotawakenings.

Headshot of Elise Crohn

Elise Crohn, B.A.

is an Expressive Arts Facilitator with 25+ years experience leading healing art workshops. An autodidact artist and trained facilitator of creative processes, she holds a Humanities degree in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Communities. She has completed a two-year in-depth training in Expressive Arts, two-year post-graduate training in Jungian Sandplay Therapy, and facilitator level certifications in SoulCollage®, JourneyCircles™, and Source Painting™. Ms. Crohn is the founder of Juicy Creatives Studio in Lake Worth, FL, where she holds classes and workshops exploring art as healing self-expression.

Date & Time

January 11th, 2020
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

9:30 a.m.


Workshop Only

Workshop + 5 CEs
(CEs $3 each)



Friday, January 10th at 5:00 p.m.


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